Reference Set


This is a 15% discount off the cost of ordering the charts individually.  The set includes all 12 charts:

  • In-Depth Hand ChartA very comprehensive hand chart from years of personal study.
  • Flow Correlations ChartA comprehensive listing of flows that can be used to harmonize a particular depth, to harmonize bustline, waistline or hipline, and to harmonize surface, middle or deep.
  • Lumbar CircleThis chart clarifies the Lumbar Circle showing the relationships between the depths and clearly explains, when and how to use the lumbar circle in your sessions.
  • Organ Function Info SetThe Organ Function Information Set is made up of 12 pages, one for each of the organ function flows.
  • Energy Flow StudyThis chart will help you learn the pathways of the 12 Organ Function Flows, using Jin Shin Jyutsu Text 2.
  • Main Central/Endocrine FlowThis chart correlates Main Central with the body’s endocrine system, including brief descriptions of the functions of the related organs.
  • Mudras ChartIn Jin Shin Jyutsu, mudras are finger positions, or poses, which enhance the flow of energy in the body.

If you are studying at the level of the 5-Day Seminar or are already a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, these charts make a depth and range of material easily accessible for quick referencing. Please see the individual product descriptions for more information.

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