Beginner Set


This is a 10% discount off the cost of ordering the charts individually.  The set includes:

  • Pocket ChartA simpler version of the Self-Help Hand Chart.
  • Make a Hand ChartThis instruction sheet will guide you through creating your own hand chart using the Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help Book 1.
  • Self-Help Hand ChartA great reference for learning and practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help, either as a daily practice which harmonizes your whole Being or to harmonize a particular discomfort when it arises.
  • Main Central StudyThis chart is designed to help you learn the Main Central Vertical Universal Harmonizing Flow
  • Self Help KwikNotesA handy mini-reference book for the Jin Shin Jyutsu beginner.

If you are just beginning to learn about Jin Shin Jyutsu, this set is for you. The Pocket Chart is something to keep handy as you orient yourself to the emotion or attitude, and some of the physical imbalances, that can be harmonized by holding the fingers. The Make A Hand Chart is a way to anchor in these associations by studying, drawing and writing. It’s easy and fun to do. After making your own chart, you can use it or the Self-Help Hand Chart for a quick reference. The Main Central Study Chart is a way to anchor in the associations of each holding position on JSJ’s primary flow. Finally, Self-Help KwikNotes is a quick reference for all of the flows found in Self-Help Book I.

While the two study charts are oriented toward working with the JSJ Self-Help Book I, by Mary Burmeister ( to order), if you are not able to purchase the self-help book, you may still be able to make good use of these two charts. The Touch of Healing, by Alice Burmeister, is a comprehensive introduction to JSJ, covers a lot of the same information, and may be available by request through your library system.

If you know absolutely nothing about JSJ and just want to try it out, I recommended downloading the free Pocket Chart. It includes instructions on how to approach Jin Shin Jyutsu and some of the imbalances that can be harmonized just by holding your fingers. You can learn more about holding the fingers by visiting the Self-Help  page of this website.

After completing your purchase, you’ll promptly receive a link to download the e-chart. If you don’t see it, check your SPAM and Junk mail folders. You can download the chart once: download the chart before viewing or printing it. Be sure to download to a device that you can then print from. For best results, print the e-chart on a color inkjet printer.

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