12 Organ Function Info Set


The Organ Function Information Set is made up of 12 pages, one for each of the organ function flows. Each page puts the details and correlations related to a particular organ flow in one place, making it easier for you to quickly connect that organ function with what you are hearing/observing/feeling with a client. (See the sample page below.)

Each page has two columns. The left column has categories of information that are consistent from page to page, such as time of day, color, astrological sign, impetus, quick take on harmony/ disharmony, critical age, and quickies for harmonizing, as well as the associated depth and its various correlations.

At the top of the right column, I’ve included the disharmony of the function just as it is presented in JSJ Text 2, with the addition of my notes to the right of these entries. This section of the page is more variable in its content, generally including the character associated with a particular organ function, what it looks like in harmony and disharmony, projects that benefit from the flow and notes about an organ function that might elucidate a better understanding of the flow. Some of this material comes from published resources; much of it is from class notes and personal study and is, therefore, not comprehensive in the sense that it is limited to the teachers, classes and books I’ve connected with.

Each organ function page can be trimmed and added (using removable double-sided tape) opposite the flow diagram page in JSJ Text 2, for quick and easy access while you are working. There is also room on the 8.5 x 11 page for a three-hole punch in order to put the pages in a standard-size notebook, if you prefer.

Organ Function Flow Information e-Set (12 pages)

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